Auto Buying 2021

Auto Buying 2021

6 Tips for Auto Financing in 2021 

Our goal at Connection Credit Union is to make it easy to finance your next auto with us and to keep your money local. The auto buying/financing process has changed over the years to make things easier.  Here is some guidance to help you keep your loan business with your credit union:

  1. Do your research to better understand the values. There are two primary sources of information – (NADA com) and Kelley Blue Book ( to get vehicle values for your purchase and your trade if you have one.  Knowledge is power in negotiations and these sources will get you started.  We love nothing more than helping our members save thousands of dollars when purchasing a vehicle.  We’re here to help so please contact us for assistance at any step in the process.
  2. Consider our new HaloCar service if you are looking for a new, or newer model vehicle. It is a great new way to buy a car and takes much of the hassle out of the experience.  Get pre-approved at your credit union and work directly with a designated contact at a high CSI (Customer Service Index) rated dealer for an exceptional buying experience without the hassle.
  3. Ask to finance with Connection Credit Union at the dealership. We are part of the CUDD (Credit Union Dealer Direct) network and by asking for us up front, it can make the process easier for you and the loan will come directly to your credit union. Be wary if the dealer says “we don’t work with them”.  What that really means is the dealership wants to steer you to their preferred financing option.
  4. Some dealerships would prefer that you finance with their choice of a lender. That’s OK, as we can work with that scenario as well. Just take the best financing option you can get and contact us as soon as the car buying process is complete.  We will just need some basic paperwork from the purchase to bring your loan back to your credit union and keep your money local.  We will match or beat your rate (potentially as low as 2.99%* APR) and we offer some very attractive incentives to make it worth your time when you refinance your loan from another institution.  Contact us for additional details.
  5. Consider an auto buying service if you have a good idea of what you are looking for in your next vehicle. We have worked with Auto Solutions ( for many years and with their extensive network of dealerships from throughout the Northwest, the chances are excellent they can find exactly what you are looking for.  Finance with your credit union and they will deliver your new (or new to you) vehicle.
  6. Do your research if you’re offered 0% financing. Ask about the rebate amount that is available if you.  It can oftentimes be significant.  An advantage of the rebate as compared to the 0% financing is the loan to value (LTV) when you drive away.  This comes in to play down the road when you want to sell or trade in your vehicle.  Contact us for additional details and considerations when weighing the pros and cons of both scenarios.  Remember, there is no such thing as free money.

Retaining your loan business is very important to us.  We also think it is important to keep your money local and sincerely hope you will choose us for your next loan.  We’re here to help.

* APR=Annual Percentage Rate.  Documentation required for rate match program.