We don’t do the ‘hidden fee’ thing.  Here they are.  All of them…

Rate and Fee Schedule


Check printing (no charge for basic checks for seniors age 60+) Actual cost of check order
Overdraft transfer (per transfer; 3 free per month) $ 3.00
Account reconcile assistance (per hour with 1 hour minimum) $ 20.00
Copy of check (5 free per period) $5.00
Stop payment order (per check, maximum $30 per series) $15.00
NSF Check / Returned check charge / Check paid against held funds (per item) $29.00
Courtesy Pay (if eligible, per item paid) $29.00

Debit Card

ATM use fees – In Network $ 0.00
Card replacement $10.00
Replacement PIN $5.00
NSF ATM/POS Transaction $29.00
Returned Deposit Item $25.00
Deposit Adjustment $10.00
Empty Envelope Deposit $25.00

EFT Transactions

ACH Stop payment $15.00
Failed/NSF electronic payment $29.00

IRA Accounts

Enrollment Fee $10.00
Annual Maintenance Fee $10.00

Money Market Accounts

Excessive withdrawals (over 3 per month) $5.00

Miscellaneous Fees (apply to all accounts)

Account Reconciliation (per hour, 1 hour minimum) $20.00
Check Cashing Fee (non-member cashing on-us check, per check) $10.00
Check Cashing Fee (member with balances <$100, per check) $5.00
Copies of Statements (per page) $1.00
Corporate Check Copy $3.00
Corporate Check Issue (member request, no charge if payable to member or over $1000) $5.00
Corporate Check Issue (non-member  i.e. merchants) $10.00
Corporate Check Stop Payment Request $15.00
Dormant Account Escheat Processing Fee $25.00
Foreign Item Collection Fee varies by item
Foreign Item Return Fee $30.00
Inactive Account Fee (monthly, if no activity for 12+ months) $5.00
Levy/Garnishment/Legal Action Processing Fee $30.00
NSF Check / Returned check charge / Item paid against held funds (per item) $29.00
Photocopy/Fax (per page) $0.50
Portfolio Loan Refinance (per loan refinanced) $25.00
Prepaid debit card (reloadable up to 24 times, $2000 maximum/load) $0.00
Telephone Transfer Request $2.00
Records Search (per hour with $25 minimum) $25.00
Returned mail fee $5.00
Wire Transfer (incoming) 0.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing, domestic) $15.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing, International) $35.00

Savings Accounts

Early account closure (within 90 days of opening acct) $15.00
Primary Share account below minimum balance (quarterly) $5.00