Connection Credit Union

What’s New at the CU?

FutureAdvisor – As a Connection Credit Union member, you now have access to first-class advice and management for your retirement investment accounts through FutureAdvisor’s online-based investment advisory solution. In just a few minutes, FutureAdvisor can help you to enhance your portfolio’s diversification and increase your savings on investment fees and taxes across all of your accounts  in one clear dashboard.

Get the most out of your investments  visit FutureAdvisor now for your free analysis to see how you can improve your portfolio and save on investment fees and taxes.

New Online banking and Mobile Banking –  With the conversion to our new data processing system we also added a new online banking system and mobile banking.  We have new tools available including MoneyDesktop which is a great tool for tracking your spending and budgeting.  MoneyDesktop is free for our members.

E-Statements are now available – Get your monthly or quarterly statements from us faster when you sign up for e-statements.  Plus, there are no paper statements lurking in your mailbox for potential theives to snag.  Contact us to sign up and e-statements are available from inside online banking so they are convenient to retrieve.

Share Branching – You now have access to over 6,500 credit union branch locations across the country through our new shared branching relationships. Click here to find one.  With the shared branching network, Connection CU members also have access to free text and mobile banking (sign up at the above link) and access to your CCU accounts 24 hours a day by calling 1-866-MYCUNOW .

Help for Auto Buying.  We have a new partnership with Auto Solutions that takes the hassle out of buying a car.  Tell them what you want, negotiate a price and they deliver it to you or the credit union.  It’s that simple.  For those of you that like the car buying process – go for it.  For those that don’t, this could save  you  time, money and hassle of buying a car.  We could all use less hassle.  Auto Solutions also has dealer relations throughout the Northwest and can often negotiate a better price.  Contact them at