Connection Credit Union

Who We Are

We’re a credit union and act like one.  A not-for-profit financial cooperative.  As a member, you are an owner.  That means better rates and definitely lower fees.  Bottom line:  We save you money.

Committed to service and keeping it simple.  You can get good service anywhere.  We aim for great.  Without great service we’re toast.  It’s what we’re built on.  We take a straightforward approach and a willingness to truly help instead of the profit/fee potential you might see elsewhere.   Explore What We Do  to check it out.

We’re dedicated to the good people of Kitsap County.  You need to live, work, worship or go to school in this county to join our credit union.  Our focus is local.  Can you say that about all your other financial institutions?  If that’s important to you, we’re a great choice.

Anchored in the community.  Our credit union was formed in 1958 by the employees of the City of Bremerton.  Membership has expanded over the years to serve all public employees in the county and now the entire Kitsap county community.

Eager to help save you money.  We’ll compare any loans you have elsewhere with what the credit union can offer.  You might be surprised in how much we can save you now or how we can help pay off debt quicker.

Stable approach.  We’ve never even remotely considered getting involved in the kinds of business that got many of our counterparts in trouble.  We’re stable and secure with a very strong level of capital that has served our credit union through difficult financial times.