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Lobby Closure Update – 7/2/20

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantines continue, our focus is on doing everything we can to reduce risk, raise awareness and manage the stress facing our community during these unprecedented times. Our commitment and focus are on the health of our members, our employees and our community.

Our goal is to open our lobby back up to member traffic as soon as feasible after Kitsap County is approved to move to Phase 3.  

To mitigate the risk for our members and employees and continue to serve the needs of our members across all channels, our drive through remains open regular hours to serve you.

Drive-Thru Only – 9:00 to 5:30 M-F.

Night Drop is available and we will be checking it multiple times per day and will mail you a receipt.

Access to Your Accounts and Loans

  • Our Call Center (360-307-6400) is available from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm M – F.
  • The secured message center is available from Click “help” at the top of the main page and then ‘contact us’.
  • You will continue to have 24/7 access to your money through ATMs, as well as online.  Our ATM at 10200 Silverdale Way NW is a deposit taking ATM.
  • Telephone banking available by calling 360-334-7972 or toll free 844-607-9718.
  • Consumer Loan applications may be completed online or via phone at 360-307-6400. Loan representatives are also available by appointment.
  • Our staff is available by appointment only from 9:00 to 5:00. Contact us at 360-307-6400 to schedule an appointment if needed.

Special Assistance

We understand the concern and uncertainty many are feeling around health and finances. At Connection CU, we are committed to doing the right thing for our membership and community.  Here are some examples:

  • Emergency loans available with low rates, flexible terms and no payment for 90 days
  • The ability to skip a payment on your Connection CU loan with no fee
  • Waiver of pay by phone loan payment fees
  • Free financial counseling and budget assistance
  • Debt consolidation and loan modification options
  • No early withdrawal fees or penalties on Certificates of Deposit

For those of you who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and need assistance, we stand ready to support you in any way we can. Please contact us at 360-307-6400 so we can develop a solution that works for you.

For the latest updates from Connection CU, visit us online or

ATM Locator

Find an ATM here:

ATM Locator

Open Doors Loan – Help with back rent or security deposits

Connection Credit Union has partnered with credit unions across the state to offer a security deposit loan program to help combat the rising cost of housing in our communities.

We have expanded the program and it can now be used for back rent due to the COVID impact in our community. 

Loan details:

  • 5.49% APR*
  • Borrow up to $5,000
  • Terms up to 18 months (on loans over $2,500)

Open Doors Loan Program details:

  • Help with back rent if you’ve been impacted by the pandemic.
  • Proceeds payable directly to landlord or property management company.
  • Household income qualifications – LESS than $51,350 for a 1 person household in Kitsap County.  Less than $73,350 for a family of 4.  Varies depending on family size.

Other details:

  • Credit qualifications:  580 or better credit score, 45% or less debt to income ratio and at least 6 months on job.
  • Some restrictions apply.  Must live, work, worship or attend school in Kitsap county to be eligible for membership.

Contact us today for additional details or to get qualified.

New Online & Mobile Banking Solution – It’s Here!

Our New Online and Mobile Banking

Our new and online and mobile banking solution creates a dramatically improved user experience for you with a new, easy to use interface and simpler ways to manage your accounts faster and more securely.

Some of the enhancements include:

If you need assistance, please contact us at 360-307-6400.

HaloCar – A new way to buy a car

How does HaloCar give you a new and better way to buy a car?

  • Work with your CU on financing – Work directly with the people you know and trust at your credit union before you complete your research or go the dealership.  Getting that piece of the process out of the way earlier saves time at the dealership.
  • Better pricing –Discounted pricing takes much of the haggling out of the process.  98% of our new car pricing is below invoice. Used car pricing is extremely low as well.  You’ll work directly with a dedicated HaloCar representative at each dealer.
  • Highly rated CSI (Customer Service Index) dealers – Only dealers with a proven track record of exceptional customer service are part of the program.  You can expect an excellent buying experience.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get Pre-Approved at Connection CU – We will work with you to find the right loan and payment amount without the pressure of dealer finance.  When you’re done, you’ll get an e-mail with all the next steps to get your new (or new to you) car. This email also provides our enlisted dealerships.
  2. Find your dream car at a reputable dealer – We only work with highly rated CSI dealers who have agreed to special pricing for our members.  You will work directly with a dealership employee who fully understands the CU/HaloCar relationship.  They will help you find the right car for you.
  3. Get your dream car – You’ll work directly with your dedicated rep at the dealership to finalize your purchase and then your CU will work with the dealership on all the loan details.
  4. Finalize loan remotely – You will sign your final loan papers remotely via computer, tablet or smartphone.

New Financial Education Resources

We have added some great new financial education tools to help you manage ALL aspects of money

Banzai Financial Education Resources

Card Boss – Manage your CCU cards with our new app!

Take control of your Connection CU debit and credit cards with our new card control app!  Set transaction limits and alerts, suspend your cards and much more.

Card Boss Info

Get the app below:



‘Tis the season – for fraud

With the holiday season upon us, fraud is on the rise.  Here are some tips:

  • Be aware of the heightened risk of attacks and scams, such as phishing attacks, scams where the victim is asked to pay the scammer money, purchase gift cars and recruitment scams where the victim is asked to pay a bit of money up front to earn more money later on.  Remember, if you did not initiate the conversation or transaction  – do not give out your account information or PIN number!
  • If a deal sounds ‘too good to be true’.  It probably is.
  • We recommend that you more closely and more frequently monitor ACH items, outgoing wires, and online transaction activity on all of your cards and accounts to look out for any unauthorized activity. Let us know right away if you spot anything that is suspect.
  • We have systems in place to help flag or block any unusual out-of-state card purchases. Please alert us if you will be traveling over the holidays, so that they are not affected by these preventative measures. These systems will also generate verification calls to ensure transactions on your account were performed by you.  Please respond promptly to these as legitimate transactions may not be processed without this verification.
  • In the event of a compromise, we will determine if we will block and reissue or monitor compromised card numbers. In cases where the full unaltered magnetic stripe has been compromised, we would most likely block and reissue the card data. If this happens we will contact cardholders to let them know when they are part of the compromised breach and will place a message on our website or phone system with any updates about the breach.

Visit our Fraud Alerts page for more information and some helpful security videos.

Bremerton branch closure

Connection Credit Union has closed our Bremerton office effective November 1st.

Based on our analysis on the number and types of transactions at our Bremerton office, we have determined that our resources will be better utilized by developing a richer digital access experience that our members have been asking for.  We are currently in the process of implementing a new digital banking provider and a much improved system will be available in early 2020.  The new system will include mobile banking, remote deposit capture (deposit a picture of a check) as well as card control tools where you can manage your card as well as get alerts on your debit and credit card transactions and balances.  We will share more information on our exciting new system when we get closer to the roll out date.

Our Silverdale location will remain open to serve all our members.  Shared branching and ATM access are also available. Please contact us with any questions.

Scam Alert

Port-Out Scams

Port-out scams involve fraudsters exploiting the process of transferring a cell phone number from one carrier to another by using phished or stolen account information to carry out the port without the authorization of the phone number’s true owner.

After successfully gathering information about a cellular account (acquired either directly from the victim via phishing or found online), a scammer, posing as the phone number’s true owner, takes the victim’s information to another carrier and requests to port the number to a new account and cell phone. The scammer will then report the victim’s phone as lost or stolen. If the cellular carrier does not require a security PIN number or passcode, or the scammer passes any identity verification measures, the scammer may successfully port the number to a new device and carrier without the victim’s knowledge, shutting down his or her own phone’s cellular service. The scammer, now with exclusive access to the victim’s phone number, can potentially gain access to the victim’s online accounts via two-factor authentication (2FA) codes or keys texted directly to the phone number. This can happen fast, with little time for the victim to stop it or contact anyone for help.


If you find your smartphone suddenly stops making calls or sending texts, or says “Emergency calls only,” your phone number may have been stolen and ported out. Immediately notify your carrier. Report Scam Activity: Report any scams you encounter to local police, your cellular carrier, the Federal Trade Commission, or the Better Business Bureau. Keep a record of any information given to you or sought by the scammer.


Many carriers require account PIN numbers or other verification information to port out numbers or give out new SIM cards. However, if the PIN is a birth date, zip code, the last four digits of a social security number, or any information that is easily gathered, scammers can still quickly gain access by trying them all. There are databases online that anyone can log into and find current address, full name, the names of potential victim’s relatives, and more. Just by being aware of the dangers of hacking and by being smart about sharing information, consumers and businesses can protect themselves from a port-out or SIM hijacking scam.

Some tips for protecting yourself from port-out scams and SIM hijacking scams include:

  • Use Strong Passwords- Use strong account passwords with a variety of characters (symbols, numbers, and capital letters) for any and all online accounts. Do not repeat passwords for separate accounts.
  • Use 2-Factor Authentication- If your cell phone carrier allows, sign up for dual-factor authentication (not always the same as an account PIN or passcode) upon logging into your account. In addition, if there’s an option, consider listing an alternative email for authentication instead of a phone number.
  • Use Obscure Answers- If your carrier uses security questions for logging in, such as “What street did you grow up on,” try to use obscure answers you won’t be able to find out in a simple address directory search.
  • Pin Protection: Most carriers allow you to create a PIN or passcode required to make changes to your account. Make a strong and random PIN number or passcode to access your account in addition to your online password
  • Use Public Forum Safety: Avoid leaving personal information online in public forums or on social media such as your phone number, address, or any other personally identifiable info
  • Online Marketplace Safety: When dealing with online marketplaces or forums, be careful not to give out personal information unless necessary or you can verify their identity first.
  • Keep to yourself: Never give out information on your cellular account over email, online, or over the phone unless you are certain you are speaking with your carrier’s customer service representative.
  • Keep track of your mail: Not all identity theft begins digitally. Make sure you keep track of your mail and shred any important documents that could be taken from trash or recycling. Your cell phone, bank, utility, and cable bills all have information that could be used to get a criminal closer to porting a number your phone number.


Below is a list of websites where you can file complaints about internet-related scams, fraud, and crime. Just don’t forget to call your cellular carrier and local police first.